12AP Summer Work - Imaginative Narrative Essay

The complete assignment is located within your reading of On Writing, by Stephen King. You should actively seek out the assignment. After about 1/2 of the summer has passed, I will post the assignment on this page.

This is your first essay and will ultimately be worth between 13% and 17% of your final semester grade. 

Additional Instructions
While scoring your papers, I will be looking for your explicit and expert use of the elements of fiction with which you spent so much time during your junior year. Specifically, I will checking to see how you handle:
  • plot
  • character
  • setting
  • point of view
  • symbolism
  • theme
  • style
  • tone
I will also expect to see dialogue - dialogue written in the correct format. If you cannot remember the correct format, look in any book.

As with any formal essay, all of the standard formatting conventions are expected to be observed:

Font Size: 12 point font
Font Style: Ariel, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Cambria
Margins: default (1” all sides)
No spaces between paragraphs
Header: Single Space
Essay Body: Double Space