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Week of December 5th

posted Dec 4, 2016, 7:51 PM by Julia Edge

Monday, Dec. 5

Frankenstein booklets due. For full credit, your booklet will include:

  1. Seven Writing Prompts

  2. All of the Chapter Events

  3. All of the Character Analysis pages

  4. Allegory, Symbolism, Imagery

  5. The paragraph on Metaphor (pg. 23)

This week, we will concentrate on the theme essay for Frankenstein. This is the final in English 12. The assignment for this essay is outlined on page 20 of your booklet. We will use the time in class this week to 1) brainstorm ideas, 2) fill out a graphic organizer, 3) complete a rough draft and 4) a peer review. Once those tasks have been complete, we will work on the final draft (which will be due on finals day, December 15, at 10am).