Friday, April 10

posted Apr 10, 2015, 1:40 PM by Julia Edge

My Heart Leaps Up, William Wordsworth

1.        What is the effect of the enjambment in the first two lines? *Note that all of the lines between are end-stopped.

  1. Is there a thematic connection between the pairs of enjambed lines? Between the end-stopped lines?
  2. What do you think Wordsworth means by “the child is father of the Man” (line 7).
  3. Do any current songs or other elements of popular culture reflect this same sentiment, or is it dismissible as a nineteenth-century Romantic impulse?

In Pairs…

Waiting for the Storm, Timothy Steele

1.        Discuss word choices in the poem. How can darkness be “wrinkling,” as stated in line 1?

2.       Examine the individual images and discuss the senses to which they appeal. Is the poem mostly auditory, visual, tactile, or does it touch all of the senses?

3.       Why does Steele start and end with the images he does? Can you suggest other sensations the poet might have included? Would their inclusion alter the poem’s mood?

4.       Decide on a topic for description and produce images that draw on each of the senses. Are some senses harder to utilize than others?



Test Prep Friday :: A take home addition, due Monday

1.        Read

2.       Annotate

3.       Sketch a plan

a.       Use bullet point to show the movement of an essay, i.e. “First I would write about…” “Then, I would write about…” ETC.

b.      Write your plan at the bottom of each poem