Thursday, January 30th

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Continued in the Poetry packet. Stopped after reading "The Fish."

Independent Reading Books: Select one of the following books for independent reading (due Friday, January 31st):
  • Wuthering Heights (Bronte) 
  • The Jungle (Sinclair) 
  • The Scarlet Letter (Hawthorne) 
  • The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway) 
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Kesey)

Kane Only: Exam Prep: Essay #7 Revision (due: Tuesday, February 4th)
In the same way students revise multiple choice answers for a better grade, students will revise Essay #7 for an improved grade. Unlike the multiple choice opportunity, this assignment is required.
Students should view their Essay #7 as a rough draft and revise the essay to better match the prompt. A checklist for revision can be found by following the link at the bottom of the page (Essay7 Revision Tips). The original essay prompt can be found here (page 3). The revised essay should be typed and printed following standard academic formatting which can be found here.

J Andy Kane,
Jan 30, 2014, 2:27 PM