Tuesday, Jan 21

posted Jan 21, 2014, 1:22 PM by Julia Edge
1. Turn in Miss Brill & Love in L.A. homework
2. Intro to Style, Tone, & Irony - The Big Game

1. Miss Brill & Love in L.A. quiz
2. Introduce Miss Brill & Love in L.A. homework (below)
3. Literary Device Trackers
4. Intro to Style, Tone, & Irony

1. Read the following stories:
a. Mansfield's Miss Brill
b. Gilb's Love in L.A. 
2. Answer the prompts on page 3, Intro to Theme
a. Your answers for 1-3 for each story: brainstorm/notes style
b. Your answers for 4-6 for each story: formal sentences
c. Answer this question for each story: What is the theme of this story?