Tuesday, June 11-12

posted Jun 11, 2014, 9:35 AM by J Andy Kane
Kane Final Exam Prompt:

ASSIGNMENT- Alright, you are now experts! You are an expert in The Great Gatsby. You are an expert in looking at literature through your assigned lens. You final assignment is to examine The Great Gatsby though your assigned lens. (In explaining the assignment, I will use the Marxist Lens as my example. You, of course, will use your assigned lens.) Your essay should have three parts.

PART ONE - First, you are to write about reading literature generally through your critical lens. In other words, answer the following question:

“What does it mean to look at literature through the Marxist Lens?”

PART TWO - Next write about reading Gatsby generally through your critical lens. In other words, answer the following question:

“How do you know Gatsby can be read through your lens?”

You might start this section with the following phrase:

“The novel The Great Gatsby can be read through a Marxist lens because it contains...”

PART THREE - Finally, write about reading Gatsby specifically through your critical lens. You will do this by closely examining two or three scenes which best exemplify the school of theory associated with your lens. With each scene you examine, you need to:

1) briefly explain what the scene is about

2) note key information which provides evidence of your interpretation

3) provide an explanation of your evidence, explicitly identifying why it is noteworthy


A) You may only work on this assignment in class. You may not start writing early.

B) This is not a timed exam. You can take as long as needed - including after this class.

C) You do not need to structure this in essay form. It does not need a beginning, middle, and end. You may simply label each section of your writing as Part One, Part Two, and Part Three and answer the accompanying question.

D) You may use the text of The Great Gatsby for reference. You may use your own written notes.

E) You may not use the internet or handwritten notes from another student. Aside from this Google Docs browser window, you may not have another browser window open. If you violate any of these policies, you will have to start the assignment again from the beginning after school.