April 23

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Chinua Achebe “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” (Click on date to view the attachment)

Part I

1. Read the three following questions, keep them in mind as you read Achebe’s text.  

a.  Achebe quotes a couple of long paragraphs that describe the Africans Marlow encounters. What does Achebe claim Conrad is trying to portray about the African’s humanity in relation to Europeans?

b. What reasons does Achebe give to account for the fact that Conrad generally doesn't allow the African characters to speak in his story?

c. Achebe asserts that nobody has ever commented on Conrad’s racism before. What reasons does he give for this?

2. Read Achebe’s text, “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
3. Take notes/annotate the text

Part II

1.       After reading the article, you should write down whether you:

a.       Strongly agree with Achebe

b.      Agree with Achebe

c.       Strongly disagree with Achebe

d.      Disagree with Achebe

2.       And complete this sentence:

I (strongly aggree) that Heart of Darkness shouldn’t be taught because 1. ________, 2. ________, and 3. ______.

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