Thursday September 28th: Be ready for the FINAL in Plot charting/Character beats!!  This is 130 points and will definitely swing your grade one way or another!  Remember it's open note, so please bring a couple of your best examples to assist you.

FRIDAY 9/29: Introduction to Precis, Aristotle's Triangle, and why "everything's an argument."

MONDAY 10/16: We are knee-deep in practicing the Rhetorical Precis--how are you doing with this?  If given an article, can you write out the appropriate four sentences with or without the template for assistance?  TEST ON THIS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25TH.

MONDAY 10/30:  We have finished the Precis unit and are prepping to retake the Grammar Test from the second day of school.  This test will be on TUESDAY THE 31ST (Halloween!!).  We will then be viewing the "Twilight Zone" classic episode "Eye of the Beholder" to prep for starting "Cyrano" Wednesday-Thursday.  Question to mull over: what is beautiful--is there an objective standard, or does society decide, or do we?  How do men and women see and value beauty differently?


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