Project: Latin and
Greek Roots

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  • Week of September 18th

    Monday, Sept. 18

    1. Contract due

    2. Glossaries

    3. SSR

    Tuesday, Sept. 19

    1. Latin & Greek Roots, Quiz + five

    2. Unit I: Of Mice & Men, by John Steinbeck

      1. Class discussion: Social Responsibility

      2. Quick Write

      3. The Great Depression, brainstorm + discuss

    Wednesday, Sept. 20

    1. Unit I: Of Mice & Men

      1. (continue) The Great Depression, brainstorm + discuss

    2. Photo Essay + discussion

    Thursday, Sept. 21

    1. MAP testing

    Friday, Sept. 22

    1. (finish) MAP testing

    2. Research: The American Dream, Then & Now. Historically, what was the American Dream? Synthesize how the American Dream changed in the last 85 years. (one paragraph)

    3. Quick Write - Knowing what you know about the American Dream, share your own American Dream.

    Reminder: Glossaries due Monday, bring an SSR

    Posted Sep 15, 2017, 2:22 PM by Julia Edge
  • Week of September 11th

    Monday, Sept. 11

    1. Turn-in HW The value of reading Animal Farm (one paragraph)

    2. Animal Farm Exam

    3. Homework: What is the difference between Literary Elements and Literary Devices, give examples

      1. Due tomorrow, written, followed by a discussion/quiz

    Tuesday, Sept. 12

    1. Turn-in HW: The difference between Literary Elements & Devices

    2. Pretest (formal writing, lit elements/devices)

    3. Latin & Greek Roots

      1. Five new words every Monday, quiz on last weeks

      2. First 5 words

      3. In pairs, complete the five words HW using smartphones (you may work together, but not turn in the same words)

    Wednesday, Sept. 13

    1. Brainstorm familiar literary devices

    2. Computer lab to start first Lit Device Glossary

      1. 10 Glossaries due Dec. 11th

    Thursday, Sept. 14

    1. Computer lab to work on first Glossary

    Friday, Sept. 15

    1. CWF - Creative Writing Friday

    2. Bring SSR books Monday / first Glossary due

    3. Homework: Contract, due Sunday by midnight

    Posted Sep 11, 2017, 3:14 PM by Julia Edge
  • Week of September 5th

    Tuesday, Sept. 5 (9th grader day, 20 min classes)

    1. Intro to Honors 9

      1. Tour room


      3. Routine is set in stone, SSR, etc.

        1. Monday - Glossaries, SSR

        2. Tuesday - Latin/Greek Roots

        3. Friday - CWF

    2. On-going projects in this class -

      1. Always bring SSR bks Monday

      2. Literary Device Glossaries - hardest piece in this class

      3. Latin & Greek Roots

      4. CWF - Easiest piece in this class

    3. Summer HW Animal Farm

    Wednesday, Sept. 6 (60 min)

    1. Socratic Seminar Qs Peer Review Work (Groups of two) - Slide

    Leading Questions are open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a Yes or No. They are thoughtful questions and elicit thoughtful answers.

    1. Are these open-ended questions?

    2. Can they be quickly answered by a Google search?

    3. Are they Level 2, 3, or 4 on the Depth of Knowledge graphic (next slide...)?

    4. The answer to the above questions should be YES. If not, spend some time rectifying this.

    Thursday, Sept. 7

    1. (Return Animal Farm to library)

    2. Go over the rules of a Socratic Seminar,

      1. Respect, thoughtfulness, answer & ask one Q, no one-word answers

      2. If your Q was asked, resort to a Q from your SS Group Work

      3. Inner-circle/Outer-circle? 25 min each with 7min trans time OR 55min One-circle

    3. Start Socratic Seminar

    Friday, Sept. 8 (Assembly Schedule, 55 min classes)

    1. Reminder: Animal Farm Exam Monday (bring a book in case you finish quickly)

    2. Continue SS (outer circle)

    3. Homework (one paragraph) The Value of Reading Animal Farm 

    Posted Sep 8, 2017, 9:58 AM by Julia Edge
  • Summer Homework!

    Image result for animal farm book cover

    Congratulations! You have enrolled yourself in the first of many high school advanced placement Language Arts courses. Honors and AP courses are demanding, so be sure to keep up with the work involved. We use curriculum designed to prepare you for college, therefore, the pace and level of thought expected are set accordingly.

    In order to keep your brain sharp, you will have summer homework. It is your responsibility to manage your time wisely. After reading Animal Farm, by George Orwell, choose one of the assignments below and have it completed by the first day of school.


      Choose Your Assignment #1:  Read Animal Farm, by George Orwell

    1. Complete the four page Literary Analysis Sheet,

      • The best piece of advice that we can give you about the summer homework is this: fill-out the Literary Analysis Sheet while you read the text. If you wait until after you have read the text, it will be extremely difficult.

      • These are your thoughts alone, do not use ‘Memorable Quotes’ from the many internet sites available, and do not turn-in work that closely resembles another student's’ work, doing so will earn you a non-passing score.

    2. Be prepared for an extensive exam on the novel,

    3. Create two leading questions for a Socratic Seminar on the first day of class.

     Choose Your Assignment #2: Read Animal Farm, by George Orwell

    1. Choose one of the three essay prompts (attached) and write a well-organized essay answering the prompt. Please familiarize yourself with the attached “How to Write a Winning Essay” and the rubric,

    2. Be prepared for an extensive exam on the novel,

    3. Create two leading questions for a Socratic Seminar on the first day of class.

    I am available throughout the summer through email,


    I am looking forward to meeting you in the fall!

    Mrs. Edge

    Language Arts

    Department Chair

    Scappoose High School

    Posted Jun 5, 2017, 2:47 PM by Julia Edge
  • Week of May 8

    Monday, May 8

    1. Last opportunity: Glossaries

      1. Fixed due Friday

    2. SSR

    Tuesday, May 9

    1. Indi-Read #2 - EXAM

    2. Start essay graphic organizer

    Wednesday, May 10

    1. Finish graphic organizer

    2. Start rough draft, due Friday

    Thursday, May 11

    1. Work on rough draft, due tomorrow

    Friday, May 12

    Today, students will have TWO friends Peer Review their essay rough drafts. After each Peer Review, students will conference with each other. Then start the whole process over with a different friend. Final, typed essays due Monday.

    Posted May 11, 2017, 11:59 AM by Julia Edge
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