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Daily Agenda - 12 Writing121 - Kane


posted Jan 28, 2016, 7:12 AM by J Andy Kane   [ updated Jan 28, 2016, 10:51 AM ]

For students who ARE
submitting portfolios to EOU:

1) Fill-out the online Registration Form found here.
2) Fill-out the three (3) paper forms. 
3) Follow the instructions for Exercise #20 (at right)
4) Take the anonymous Course Assessment by scrolling down and clicking on Gollum.

When your portfolio is uploaded and complete, either tell me in person or send me an email telling me that you are complete. If you are not uploaded and complete by Monday at 10AM, I will enter an "I" (incomplete) for your grade until you complete the process. On Monday, February 15th, I will change the "I" to an "F".

001FallAnderson, Annika
002FallBailey, Kendal
003FallBoogman, Sydney
004FallBuckner, Jorden
005FallCarey, Hannah
006FallClark, Braden
007FallDorie, Kylee
008FallDykes, Jessica
009FallGardner, Travis
010FallHamilton, Cierra
011FallHansen, Kody
012FallHortert, Caitlin
013FallJohnston, Breanna
014FallJones, Eleanor
015FallJones, Jordan
016FallKistner, Wyatt
017FallMagnuson, Bailee
018FallMellegard, Austin
019FallOhling, Robert
020FallPeterson, Colin
021FallPhillips, Kelsea
022FallRadke, Max
023FallShober, Tyler
024FallSingleton, Dianna
025FallSparkman, Caitlyn
026FallWilliams, Dominic
For students who ARE NOT 
submitting portfolios to EOU:

First, take the anonymous Course Assessment by scrolling down and clicking on Gollum.

When you're finished with all documents: Print them. Put them in the order indicated below. Connect all of them together in a packet with a paperclip. Give them to me. 

If I don't have your complete packet by Monday at 10AM, I will enter an "I" (incomplete) for your grade until you complete the process. On Monday, February 15th, I will change the "I" to an "F".

Note on grades: As with the portfolios of students who are submitting to EOU, I will be scoring these portfolios as pass/no pass. If you receive a "no pass", I will give you instructions regarding the resubmittal process. FYI, you must receive a "pass" on your portfolio in order to receive high school credit.

   1) Research Paper
   2) Timed Writing #1
   3) Timed Writing #2
   4) Reflective Essay

Friday, October 23rd

posted Oct 23, 2015, 9:12 AM by J Andy Kane   [ updated Oct 23, 2015, 9:13 AM ]

For Tuesday:
- Have a completed list built in your General Notes page in Google Docs, including: 10 umbrella topics, 5 more specific sub topics. Then highlight the three specific topics that are most interesting to you. 
- Read R1-a from your textbooks and be prepared for a quiz on how to select an appropriate research question. 

For Thursday:
- Have your Independent Reading Text Read and be ready for a timed write.

Steps of a Research Paper

posted Oct 19, 2015, 7:02 PM by J Andy Kane   [ updated Oct 19, 2015, 7:04 PM ]

Receive the assignment 
Research/ Begin a bibliography 
Pose questions you might explore 
Plan a search strategy 
Settle on a topic 
Narrow the focus 
Revise search questions 
Draft a working thesis
Draft a working outline
Draft the paper
Get peer feedback
Prepare a Works Cited page
Get instructor feedback

Tuesday, October 13

posted Oct 13, 2015, 8:57 AM by J Andy Kane   [ updated Oct 13, 2015, 9:50 AM ]

Final Top-Level Revision
  • Clear Thesis Statement 
  • Paragraphs in a logical order 
  • Too short or too long paragraphs 
  • All paragraphs properly PEEd 
  • Sections proportioned appropriately 
  • Weak points altered/deleted 
  • In-text citation AND Works Cited Page Contractions (can’t, he’d, we’re, etc.)

Stapled Order of Genre Essay Packet
Due at 8:10 am Thursday, October 15th

1) Final draft of your Essay
2) Outline
3) Source Material
4) 2nd Draft (w/ fellow student comments)
5) 1st Draft (w/ your self-edit comments)

Tuesday, October 6

posted Oct 6, 2015, 9:59 AM by J Andy Kane

For Thursday:

A) Read and understand Packet C, section 2-a. Be ready for a quiz.

B) Revise your first draft of the genre essay using the following guidelines:

1. Circle the HOOK and label

2. Draw a box around the THESIS STATEMENT and label

3. Highlight yellow the TOPIC SENTENCES, or write-in any missing ones

4. Highlight different color each evidence.

5. Highlight different color each explanation.

6. Ensure that each topic sentence is discrete

7. Ensure that each topic sentence directly supports the thesis statement

8. In the paragraphs, cross-out any sentence that does not directly support the topic sentence or is not highlighted.

9. Ensure no paragraph ends with textual evidence.

10. Ensure that you have used textual evidence

11.  Every textual evidence has a citation

C) Print and bring a copy of your second draft to class.

Note: You need to keep the original copy of ALL drafts. You will submit them with your final draft.

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