Survivor Fantasy League - Rules

Summary: Scoring is divided into two phases with special bonuses available throughout the game.

Phase 1:
Slowly build your lead each week by picking four “safe” Survivors. For each survivor you select that does not leave the game that week, you get one point. Add a 5th point if you can correctly guess who does get voted out that week too. Make sure to pace your selections as you are limited to how many times you can choose each Survivor as safe - six "safe votes" per survivor max throughout the whole season.

Phase 2:
Lock in the win by picking the correct order of the final four.

Bonus Points:

  • Score a “come from behind” upset when you demonstrate your psychic ability by choosing the Sole Survivor at the beginning of the season.
  • Get a boost at the mid point by picking the first member of the jury.

The player with the most points at the end of the season is declared the winner!

The Prize: If you contribute to the pot:

1st Place: 100% of winnings

SFL Basic Rules:

Phase 1: (Weekly Play)

Weekly picks shall be submitted by midnight, the day before the show airs.

Prior to each episode, players shall select four survivors that they believe will be “safe” from the vote for that episode. In addition, players will also need to submit their guess for which Survivor does get voted out that week. Remember to click the submit button to record your choices or your selections will not be saved. 

Your selections will stay in effect and cannot be changed. If I have not received a vote from you by deadline, we'll use your picks from the previous week. 

“Safe” means that the survivor will not be “the person voted out” or leave for any reason during that episode.

The Twist: Each player can only select a given Survivor 6 times to be safe throughout weekly play (~12 weeks). 
Meaning, if there are 12 weeks of weekly play, you can only select any one survivor to be safe 6 times over that 12 week period.
There is no restriction on how many times you can select someone to be voted out.

Each successful “safe” selection equals 1 point.
Each successful “voted out” selection equals 1 point.

Phase 2: (Final Four)

Final Four selections shall be submitted by midnight, the day before the finale.

Final Four scoring is as follows:

Correctly select 4th place = 2 points

Correctly select 3rd place = 4 points

Correctly select 2nd place = 6 points

Correctly select 1st place = 8 points

Total possible Final Four points = 20

Bonus Points:

First on Jury 2 Point Bonus: (FOJ)

Here's a chance to recover a lost point, when one of your weekly Vote Off choices made during phase one turns out to be the First Jury member. No special selection process is required. If your weekly Vote Off choice becomes the first jury member, you will be awarded two points that week instead of just one.

Ultimate Survivor 12 Point Bonus: (USB)

Demonstrate those hidden ESP skills. Pick the Ultimate Sole Survivor at the beginning of the season and make the rest of us all hate you for being so damn lucky! Each player shall select one (1) survivor as their Ultimate Survivor. Should that survivor win, that player will be awarded a 12 point USB.

USB 6 Point Second-Chance Option:

We've reached the merge and you're feeling like you want to change your pick? Here's your chance but it's going to cost you. Only players whose ultimate survivor is still in the game and who choose to change their ultimate survivor pick shall be eligible for the 6 point USB. Note: Should the player choose to not change their ultimate survivor, they would remain eligible for the 12 point USB.

USB 3 Point Second Chance Option:

Was your first swing at picking the Ultimate Survivor way off the mark. Don't fret. There's still a chance to redeem yourself for a few extra bonus points. If the player’s ultimate survivor is no longer in the game following the final merge, the player shall have a second opportunity to pick a new ultimate survivor. If that ultimate survivor pick wins the game, the player shall receive a 3 point USB. Only players whose ultimate survivor has been previously been voted out shall be eligible for the 3 point USB.

Tie Breakers

In the event that several players are tied for the most points at the end of the season, we may choose to break the tie by holding a Survivor Trivia contest. Additional details on the trivia contest will be made available if this becomes necessary.